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The Mayor and nine Township Councillors govern the Corporation of the Township. Each member of council, including the Mayor, has one vote in the decision-making process.   
The Municipality is responsible for:

  • setting the vision for the future development of the municipality through its Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning By-law

  • the provision of fire protection and emergency preparedness

  • the maintenance of local roads, parks, cemeteries and docks

  • management of arenas, community centres and public heritage buildings

  • by-law enforcement and building permits and inspections

  • decisions on planning matters, minor variances and severances

  • ensuring sustainable development and the promotion of a year-round economy.

The Township of Muskoka Lakes sets the tax rate for services and programs in its jurisdiction, and also collects taxes for programs and services provided by the District of Muskoka and the Province of Ontario, the latter through the education levy. The assessment of property is the responsibility of an independent body called the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation [MPAC].

The Township of Muskoka Lakes is one of six lower-tier municipalities comprising the single upper-tier municipality of the District of Muskoka. The District of Muskoka is a regional government that has responsibility for social assistance programs, district roads, provision of police and ambulance service, district-wide emergency preparedness, regional planning, Lake System Health, water and sewer systems, and solid waste.

There are three wards in the Township of Muskoka Lakes. Elections are held every four years, at which time a Mayor is chosen, along with two ward Councillors and a District Councillor from each ward. The District Councillors sit on both the Township of Muskoka Lakes Council and the District of Muskoka Council. The Mayor is also a member of the District of Muskoka Council.

The District of Muskoka has 22 Councillors from the six lower-tier municipalities. At the beginning of each term, the District Councillors elect a District Chair to preside over meetings during the course of the term.

Other senior levels of government include the Province of Ontario and the Dominion of Canada, represented by a Member of Provincial Parliament and a Member of Parliament, respectively. The Township of Muskoka Lakes is situated in the federal and provincial ridings of Parry Sound - Muskoka.

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District Municipality of Muskoka

John Klinck

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