Wharf Information


There are three locations within the Township that have wharf managers who are responsible for the use of the docking facilities. These locations are:

  • Beaumaris Wharf, 1216 Beaumaris Road
  • Windermere Wharf, 2510 Windermere Road
  • Foot’s Bay, 1040 McDonald Road

NOTE: Local contact information for the wharf manager for each location is available by contacting the Township’s Public Works Department.

Responsibilities of Managers

  • Assess and collect fees as set out in the dock by-law (2003-29)
  • Facilitate public access to docking privileges as stipulated in the dock by-law
  • Monitor wharf use by the public and commercial users to ensure compliance with the by-law
  • Enforce the provisions of the by-law
  • Enlist assistance of the Township By-law Enforcement Officer when required
  • Provide a season end report on wharf use and comments from the following season
  • Submit a copy of the docking permits with percentage payments at the end of the season
  • Perform daily documented inspections of the facilities
  • Perform routine, general maintenance of the facilities
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