Volunteer Appreciation

 Volunteer Appreciation in the Township of Muskoka Lakes


By giving their time and talent to community efforts, volunteers transform our communities and make the municipality a better place to live. The Township of Muskoka Lakes congratulates the recipients of the Volunteer Appreciation Award.

2009 Volunteer Appreciation Awards
The following members of our community received recognition at the awards ceremony held on June 17, 2009.
 Back Row:
Catherine Dedrick, Jeff Mole, Jack Hutton, Linda Hutton, Margaret Couture, Jan Turner, Keith Metcalfe, Marvin Wilson, Sylvia Sawyer, Brian Racine, Anne McCauley, Cathy Smith, Barb Baxter, Jack Fenn, Bev Longhurst, Bill Dedrick, Per Jensen
Middle Row: Joan Wallace, James Nairn, Jan Kaye, Glen O'Rourke, Linda Church, Mari Carson, Stella Orchard, Val Hunter, Laurie Campbell, Cathy Duck, Robert  Anderson, Joe Moher
Front Row:     Councillor Liz Denyar, Karen Croden, Barb Dutton, Mayor Susan Pryke, Inez Calvert, Edna Templeton, Pat Sinclair, Madeline Fielding
Not Present: Murray Nutt

Picture of the 2009 Volunteer Award Recipients.

photo of volunteers

Photo provided by Mark Clairmont MuskokaTODAY

2005 Volunteer Appreciation Awards

The following members of our community received recognition at the awards ceremony held on January 19, 2006.
Back Row:
Robert Healey, Hugh Fairfield, Vic Harding, Ted Daglish, Perry Bowker, Dave Page, Richard Coles, Greg Mannion
Middle Row: Don Oliver, Beth Samuel, John Heineck, Councillor Adele Fairfield (Master of Ceremonies), Susan Daglish, Russ Harvey, Lorna Fenn, Mary and Ray Mitchell, Donna Coulson, Norah Fountain
Front Row: Liz Lundell, Jeanne Pettit, Edward Skinner, Dawna Brown, Mayor Susan Pryke, Katja Uhde, Fiona Blair, John Curran, Barb Leek
Not Present:  Maureen Bartleman, Guy Burry, Jake Cambridge, Eleanor Lewis, Ian Turnbull, Iona Rogers, Judy Webb

 Picture of the 2005 Volunteer Award Recipients

2005 Volunteers
Photograph provided by the late Stewart Martin

2003 Volunteer Appreciation Awards 

The following members of our community received recognition at the awards ceremony held on  May 8, 2003. 

Arts & Culture Lynn Allen
  Gayle Dempsey
Community Enhancement & Events Joe Baker
  Almeda Brown
  Sheila Creasor
  Elizabeth Hawke
  Garth Legris
  Margaret Legris
  Arlene Reimer
  Joan Spence
  Saundra Turnbull
Education & Training Peggy Harvey
  Jim Peat
  Michael Whyte
Sports & Recreation Nan Allen
  George Miller
  Doug Potts
  Amy Wassenaar
Under 25 Jen Morgan

Picture of the Volunteer Award Recipients
old photo of 2001 Volunteers

2001 Volunteer Appreciation Awards
Mary Anderson Garth Legris Dr. George Woodward
Dwight Bissell{C} Marg Legris Norm Stripp

Ken Bol

Jack Jennings Joe Baker
Tiffany Bol Jennifer Johnston Catherine Keith
Alex Brown Art Kennedy Edith Smith
Ronald Gordon Brown Lynn McBride Eva Jackson
Lisle Bynoe Essel McClelland-Tredgett{C} Bala and District Lions Club
Louise Bynoe Delphine McClennan Bala Communities in Bloom
Wilbert Campbell Pam McDivitt Bala Community Centre Board
of Directors
Byron Coker Inglis MacDonald Bala Cranberry Festival
Dave Cousineau Michael Anne MacDonald   {C} Bala Curling Club Board of Directors{C}
Judy Cousineau Louise MacLennan Correctional Service of Canada
Paul Davidson Colin MacLennan Milford Bay Community Board
Pearl Davidson Bob McNeil Peninsula Lions Club
Marjorie Elliott Doreen Nicolson Port Carling Communities in Bloom
Don Elliott{C} Cathy Potts Port Carling Lions Club
Lynne Ellis Ev Pratt Port Carling Memorial Community
Centre Hall Board
Bill Ferguson Isabel Quinton St. Mark's ACW
Rosine Findley George R. Thorel Sanford Women's Institute
Andrea Gallacher Allan Turnbull Trinity St. Alban's Volunteers
Susan Goltz Saundra Turnbull Windermere and District Lions Club
Ayton Grady Greig Young  
Mary Grady Ann Young  

The Township of Muskoka Lakes would like to acknowledge the many volunteers who contribute significantly to make the Township a better place.





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