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Burning By-law 2018-16
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The Township of Muskoka Lakes volunteer part-time fire department is on call 24 hours a day to respond to emergency situations. The Muskoka Lakes Fire Department consists of one fire chief, one Deputy Fire Chief, and part-time fire fighters (130 - 160) There are 10 fully equipped fire stations located throughout the Township of Muskoka Lakes. The fire department uses a radio pager system including a dispatching system, 2 repeater towers, pagers, mobile radios, hand-held portables and cellular phones.

The Muskoka Lakes fire-fighters are well trained in fire-fighting, medical first response, auto extrication and water - ice rescue.


Public Education Matters
The Life Safety of Property Management Training

The Life Safety of Property Management, is an industry leading educational program uniquely developed by fire safety experts, police, fire and EMS personnel, coupled with vital contributions from Facility Operations professionals, and will provide the participant with learnings, tools and best practices.
Who should attend:

Property Managers, Operations Managers, Facility Directors, Regional Managers, Condo Boards, Security Coordinators, Superintendents, Leasing Teams.

CLICK HERE for course information.

Smoke Alarms Save Lives


Safe Storage of 9V and Other Household Batteries


Fireworks Safety 

Advice for Dealing with Nuisance Smoke Alarms

Safe Student Accommodations 101  As students prepare to move into shared or rented accommodations to attend college or university, parents, guardians and students themselves should take an active role in finding a safe place to live. It is essential for caregivers and students to talk about fire and life safety. Whether returning to school or leaving home for the first time, a discussion about good fire safety practices can help to ensure this exciting time in a student’s life is not marred by a fire tragedy. Click on the title above for more information.


The Township of Muskoka Lakes Paid Part-Time Volunteer Fire Department is Recruiting for Fire Fighters.

If you are interested you can obtain an application at the Township of Muskoka Lakes Municipal Office at 1 Bailey Street, in Port Carling. The office is open from 8:15 am – 4:00 pm

If you are interested in joining the Fire Department, please contact the Municipal Office at 765-3156

Muskoka Lakes Fire Stations

Foot's Bay

1006 Buckeye Road

Glen Orchard

3951 Muskoka Road 169 - Unit 2


1015 Grey Street


1030 Torrance Road

Walker's Point

1074 Walker's Point Road


1131 Juddhaven Road

Port Carling

1 Lee Valley Dr.


2201 Windermere Road


1002 Spring Street

Milford Bay

1229 Milford Bay Road


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