Minett Joint Policy Review Steering Committee

The Township of Muskoka Lakes and the District Municipality of Muskoka have jointly appointed members to serve on the Minett Joint Policy Review Steering Committee to review and make recommendations with regard to Official Plan policies as they relate to the Resort Village of Minett.

Steering Committee Chair Steering Committee Members Alternate Members
James Lewis Sandy Baptist Brian McElwain
  Peter Gilgan Massey Beveridge
  Patrick Graver Susan Lloyd Swail
  Rosemary King Anne McCauley 
  Colin Love  
  Deborah Martin-Downs  
  Sandy McNair  
  Ian Newell  
  Frank Pottow  
  Walter Prychidny  
  Michael Sneyd  
  Laurie Thomson  










The Steering Committee members will be responsible for reviewing District and Township Official Plan policies as they relate to Minett. In addition the Committee, will make consensus based recommendations to the Councils, and may undertake discussions about Township of Muskoka Lakes zoning By-Laws and issues like recreational carrying capacity, water quality, natural character, and the long term economic impact of the Minett development.

View full Terms of ReferenceCommittee Workplan and Schedule of Meetings.

Meeting Records
October 25, 2018
Record of Attendance
October - November 2018
Report 1 - December 7, 2018


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