Council Appointments


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Deputy Mayor Councillor Jean-Ann Baranik
Acting Deputy Mayor          Councillor Donelda Hayes 



Committee of the Whole

All members of Council
Committee of Adjustment  Council Members Councillor Allen Edwards
  Councillor Jean-Ann Baranik



Budget Committee Councillor Sandy Currie 
Councillor Donelda Hayes
Grant Advisory Committee Councillor Jean-Ann Baranik
Councillor Linda Barrick-Spearn
Parks & Trails Committee  Councillor Phil Harding
Bala Falls Working Group  Mayor Don Furnis or his alternate (Deputy Mayor Baranik) 
Councillor Sandy Currie
Councillor Linda Barrick-Spearn   
Township Council Departmental Liaisons Fire & Emergency Services Primary  Councillor Gault McTaggart
Secondary Councillor Linda Barrick-Spearn
Clerk Primary  
Councillor Donelda Hayes
Secondary Councillor Terry Ledger 
Treasury Primary   Councillor Sandy Currie
Councillor Donelda Hayes
Public Works Primary Councillor Terry Ledger
Secondary Councillor Linda Barrick-Spearn 
Community Services Primary Councillor Jean-Ann Baranik
Secondary Councillor Gault McTaggart 
Building Service Primary Councillor Allen Edwards
Economic Development Primary Mayor Don Furniss
Secondary Councillor Phil Harding 
Human Resources Primary Mayor Don Furniss
Secondary Councillor Jean-Ann Baranik
Planning Primary Councillor Allen Edwards
Secondary Councillor Sandy Currie 
Public Library Board Councillor Jean-Ann Baranik
Councillor Donelda Hayes

Community Centre Hall Board Council Members

Bala Councillor Sandy Currie
Cardwell (Hekkla) Councillor Gault McTaggart
Foot's Bay Councillor Terry Ledger
Glen Orchard  Councillor Terry Ledger
Milford Bay Councillor Linda Barrick-Spearn
Peninsula (Minett) Councillor Jean-Ann Baranik
Port Carling Councillor Jean-Ann Baranik
Raymond Councillor Gault McTaggart
Torrance Councillor Ruth Nishikawa
Ullswater     Councillor Allen Edwards
Walker's Point Councillor Donelda Hayes
Windermere Councillor Allen Edwards


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Municipal Office hours: Monday to Friday 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (excluding holidays)