2011 Agenda Packages

Muskoka Lakes

2011 Agenda Packages

Muskoka Lakes

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Committee of Adjustment

2011  January 17, 2011
  February 18, 2011
  March 11, 2011
  April 1, 2011
  April 20, 2011
  May 13, 2011
  June 3, 2011 
  June 24, 2011
  July 15, 2011 
  August 5, 2011
  August 26, 2011
  September 16, 2011
  October 6, 2011
  October 28, 2011
  November 18, 2011
  December 9, 2011





   Agenda Packages  Attachments and Submissions
 to the agenda package
2011 January 18, 2011  Item 5.a.3.
Item 5.d.
Item 5.e.1.a.
Item 5.e.1.b.
Item 5.e.1.c.
Item 5.e.2.
Item 5.e.3.
Item 5.e.4.
Item 5.e.5.
Item 5.e.6.
Item 5.e.7.
Item 5.e.8.
Item 6.a.3.
Item 7.c.1.
Item 7.c.2.
Item 9.a.9.
Item 9.a.9. - Appendix A
Item 9.a.10.
  January 21, 2011 - Special Item 5.b.  
  February 22, 2011 Item 5.b.1.
Item 5.b.2.
Item 5.b.3. 
Item 7.b.1.
Item 7.b.2.
Item 7.c.1. presentation
Item 7.c.1. submission
Item 7.c.2.
  March 2, 2011 - Special Item 4.b.
Delegation letter - ACO
  March 14, 2011 Item 5.a.
Item 5.b.1.
Item 5.b.2.
Item 5.b.4.
Item 5.b.5.
Item 5.b.6.
Item 5.b.7.
Item 7.b.1
Item 9.a.3.
  April 4, 2011 Item 4.b. 
Item 5.b.
Item 5.d.
Item 5.e.
Item 5.f.
Item 5.g.
Item 9.a.2.
Item 9 a 3  
Item 10.a.
  April 18, 2011 - Special No Attachments  
  April 26, 2011 Item 9.a.2.  
  May 16, 2011 5.a.1. - attachment
5.a.3. - Presentation
  May 20, 2011 - Special By-law 2011-39
By-law 2011-39 Appendix A
  May 26, 2011 - Special Item 5.b.
Item 5.c.
  June 6, 2011  Item 5.a. Proposal
Item 5.a. Site Plan
Item 10.a. 
  June 16, 2011  No Attachments  
                June 27, 2011 Item 5.a.
Item 5.c.2.
Item 5.c.3.      
Submission to Council - June 27, 2011 
  July 18, 2011  Item 5.a.
Item 7.c.1.
Item 9.a.2. Bala Falls Park
Item 9.a.2. Diver's Point Park
Item 9.a.2. Portage Landing 
  July 28, 2011 - Special Attachment to Item 5.k.  
  August 29, 2011 Item 5.a.1.
Item 5.a.1. Speaking Notes
Item 5.a.2.
Item 5.a.3.
Item 5.a.4.
Item 5.a.5.
Item 5.a.6.
Item 5.a.7.
Item 5.a.9.
Item 5.a.10.
Item 9.a.5. 
Item 7.b.1.
Item 7.b.2.
Item 7.b.3.
Item 7.b.4.
Item 7.c.1.
Item 7.c.2.
Item 7.c.2. pictures
Item 7.c.3.
Item 7.c.4.
Item 7.c.5.
Item 7.c.6.
  September 19, 2011 Item 5.c.1.     
Item 5.c.2. 
Item 5.c.3.
  October 7, 2011 Item 7.b.1.
Item 7.c.1.
 Item 9.a.2. 
  October 31, 2011 Item 5.b.  
  November 3, 2011 Special    
  November 21, 2011 Item 7.c.1.a.
Item 7.c.1.b.
Item 7.c.2.a.
Item 7.c.2.b.
Item 7.c.3.a.
Item 7.c.3.b.
Item 10.a.
  December 12, 2011 Delegation 5.e.
Item 7.c.1.
Item 7.c.2.pics.
Item 7.c.2.
Item 7.c.3.
Item 7.c.4.
Item 7.c.5.
Item 10.a.
Item 10.c. 
  December 16, 2011 Special                                                                         

Committee of the Whole
   Agenda Packages  Attachments and Submissions
 to the agenda package
2011 January 19, 2011 Item 6.a.1.
Item 6.a.1. Map
Item 6.a.2.
Item 6.a.3. 
Item 7.b.2.
Item 8.c.1.
To replace Item 8.c.3.
  February 22, 2011 Item 5.c.1.a.
Item 5.c.1.b.
Item 6.a.1. map
Item 6.a.1.
Item 6.b.2.
  February 24, 2011 - Special No Attachments  
  March 3, 2011 - Special No Attachments  
  March 11, 2011 - Special Item 5.b.1. - Report from the Treasurer - 2011 budget update
Item 5.b.2. - Draft budget from March 3, 2011 Meeting
  March 15, 2011 Item 5.a.4.
Item 5.a.5.
  April 5, 2011 Item 5.a.1.
Item 8.b.1.
  April 27, 2011 Item 5.b.1.
Item 8.b.1.
Item 8.b.2.
Item 8.d.2.
  May 17, 2011 Item 5.a.1.
Item 5.a.2.
Item 7.a.1.
Item 7.c.5.
Item 8.a.2
Item 8.d.2.
  June 7, 2011  Item 8.b.2.  
  June 28, 2011 Item 5.a.1.
Item 5.c.1.e.
Item 5.c.2.a.
Item 5.c.3.b.
Item 7.c.1.  
  July 19, 2011  Item 5.b.1.
Item 7.a.1.
Item 8.a.1. 
                August 30, 2011 Item 5.c.2.a.1.
Item 5.c.4.a.1.
Item 8.a.1.
Item 5.c.2.a.2.
Item 5.c.4.a.2.
  September 20, 2011  Item 5.b.1. Item 9.a. 
  October 11, 2011 Item 7.a.1. Handout
Item 7.a.1. Presentation 
  November 1, 2011  Item 5.c.1.c.
Item 5.c.1.c.sketch
Item 5.c.2.a.
Item 6.a.1.1.
Item 6.a.1.3. Figure 03
Item 6.a.1.3. Map
Item 6.a.1.3. Picture
Item 6.a.1.3. Speaking Notes
  November 22, 2011 Item 5.a.2. Chair Introduction
Item 5.a.2. Ministry of Tourism
Item 5.a.2. Ontario Tourism
Item 5.a.2. RTO12
Item 5.a.2. Muskoka Tourism
Item 5.a.2. Muskoka Tourism Answers
Item 5.a.2. Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce
Item 5.a.2. Muskoka Lakes Visitor Information Centre
Item 5.c.1.c.
Item 5.c.1.c. Sketch
Item 5.c.2.a.
Item 5.c.3.b.
Item 5.c.4.b.
Item 5.c.4.b.attachment
  December 13, 2011 Item 5.c.2.a.1.
Item 5.c.2.a.2.
Delegation 6.a.1.
Presentation 6.a.1.

Information Collection Notice

The Township of Muskoka Lakes collects personal information in your communications to Council or its Committees under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001.
The information is collected to enable Council and/or its Committees to make informed decisions on the relevant issue(s).  Individuals who make submissions to Council should be aware that any personal information in their communications may become part of the public record and may be made available through the Council agenda process which includes publication on the Township’s website.  For purposes of minute taking, the proceedings of meetings are audio recorded.

Please direct any questions about this collection to the Clerk, P.O. Box 129, 1 Bailey Street, Port Carling, Ontario, P0B 1J0, or by calling Tel. (705) 765-3156 

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